c’era una volta I-V


C’era una volta ...

Once upon a time... that’s how fairy tales begin, all the fairy tales of my childhood.
Gathered among them are works of paper. These are made of paper strips that I have rolled, folded and cut, just as my hands remember having done in childhood days.
Shredded paper sheets formed to discs become the raw material for composing a series of object-like artworks, which are to obtain very distinct meanings giving them new significance.
These paper discs gradually turn into small vessels, which differ greatly in colour and composition, but grouped together they join to a ronde. They may even evoke memories of archaeological finds.
In a very playful manner paper objects come into being, which not only summon up themes of reminiscence but also refer to contemporary life.
This way advertising magazines promoting food items and household goods are transformed into paper discs and put into a new, meaningful context. The artwork 1 GROSS = 12 DOZEN, for example, relates to a unit of quantity commonly used by trade or commerce thus calling attention to the mass consumption in our society.