2015 Gersdorf


Workshop at Gersdorf

Gersdorf / Falkenberg, Brandenburg, Germany, 2015

Once again it was time to gather new experiences.
This year, our group of four Berliner artists, Brigitte Henker-Hansmann, IngeKaspar-Böhm, Sigrid Klammer, Ute Wennrich, set off for Christine Hielscher’s studio in Gersdorf/Falkenberg in Märkisch Oderland. In the newly built artist’s studio surrounded by a wonderful garden, we spent two days working intensely.
The hot summery temperatures summoned up a Mediterranean atmosphere and a close by lake offered a bit of cool refreshment. A worthwhile visit was a small exhibition in the Cöthen village church built by the famous Prussian architect Schinkel. There we could admire some of Christine’s paintings.
Our summery workshop ended in great harmony with a charming evening barbecue given by Christine and Dietrich. And even nature showed its manifold facets by presenting us the striking nocturnal performance of a tremendous thunderstorm. Before saying goodbye to our hosts, Christine again invited us to her studio to view her excellent works of art. We had a marvellous time and really enjoyed our stay at Gersdorf.